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Daily Schedule

Having a daily schedule for your student is one of the most important aspects in managing their education. Each child may need a different schedule, some with more free time than the others. Download the example schedule (pictured here) or download the blank schedule to create your own for your student. Both of these resources are free for your benefit.

To do list

Some students work better with to do lists. Now is the perfect time to teach your student to take charge of their own education. A to do list is a guide for students which gives them more freedom throughout the day. They won’t have set times but cannot receive any special privileges or rewards until tasks are completed. Have them check off and verify completion when using this method. An important reminder is to not let the student have free time until completion of assignments and then let the child have absolute free time after assignments are done well. This will also relieve some responsibility and stress from you as a parent. Download the free example and free blank to do list here.

Rewards Chart

Offering rewards for a job well done is much more effective than punishment. Although you should always have a punishment prepared, prevention of opposition defiance (defying for attention) caused by over punishment and under rewarding is key. Your student wants to know that they are loved. Use these free resources to help keep track and offer the student goals.

Common Core Website

Visit the main source for all things Common Core by clicking this button. Find your state standards by choosing the state you live in.

National PTA

Find grade specific guides at the National Parent Teacher Association link provided in this button.

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Use this YouTube Resource to get a 1 hour run down on all things common core math. Click the button to be brought to the video.

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is a leader in online education videos. They offer a vast plethora of videos on YouTube as well as various resources (free and paid) on their website. See the YouTube playlist for Common Core Math in this button.

Florida State Standards App

Download this app on your iPhone to help guide you through the Florida State Standards.