The bottom line is simple:

every human should be taught to humbly recognize their god-given ability to create the world they imagine for themselves.

Our mission:

To educate, grow, and equip students for their bright futures.


To give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone


To cultivate and enhance advancement in someone


To provide tools and resources for ones purpose.

Why Center Ed?

We ascribe to a classical philosophy of education with a Montessori approach.

The classical philosophy of education is the idea of “education for educations sake.” This is the summarizing statement, that education is not meant to lead somewhere in particular, but rather education should lead one to oneself.

Hence, at Center Ed we strive to open students minds to the limitless possibilities of their own imaginations. This is why we are heavily invested in the arts, specifically music. The idea is ultimately to teach students to be self determined and think on their own without any kind of systematic guide.

The Montessori approach to education is in line with the classical philosophy of education. The Montessori approach stresses the ideal of freedom of choice. Students must be able to choose what they learn and when to receive the best results.

The idea is simple: everyone learns better when they want to. Students who already love what they are learning are ahead of the game.


Center Ed (formerly McKeen-Chaff Music) has been educating students since 2017.


We have grown students to see their potential to succeed in arts and academia. Some have gone on to win various accolades for their talent.


We have equipped students to be thinkers and doers; laying a foundation for a bright and self-determined future.

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